Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I don't plan on posting non-art stuff a habit, but sometimes I think it's good to get a little perspective on things. I recently found out that my good friend from high school, who was always so loyal, was gunned down in front of her home New Year's Eve, being an innocent victim of a senseless crime. She leaves behind her young son.

I regret not keeping better in touch with her, and I had just messaged Merry Christmas to her a few days earlier, which makes it more surreal. She had supported me with her attendance at my dad's funeral just last year. I would never think I'd be attending hers so soon. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. You never think these things would happen so close to home and when they do, they remind you of how precious life is and how fortunate we are. Thanks.


androidwilsonx said...

Whoa, who was it? Do I know her?

Man, I am really sorry to hear that. I came to your blogspot to say hi, only to find this latest post.

Anyway, Hi

Sammy Sundae said...

that's heartbreaking, but heartwarming to know that you're willing to share it with people, it's always a good reminder to let the loved ones know you love them.

I have briefly met you at the bookexpo with Mike, I've never seen your works before and I gotta say they are really great and charming! keep up the good work :]

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