Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter in Italy Feriae Sweets Packaging

 I recently had the pleasure of working on packaging for one of my favorite foods - desserts and sweets! The amazingly talented people at the ad agency, who I had worked with before (VISA card) contacted me with a fun, yet challenging project! They requested the look of my hand-pulled linocut prints, to depict the theme "Easter in Italy." It was interesting researching and learning so much about this important Pasqua holiday in Italy.

Alongside (way outta my league!) talented illustrators, I was tasked with creating the main illustration, the lettering to go on the panels, as well as the buildings motif that sits on the other opposite side panels. I really tried to capture a sense of Italy through typeface choice, color palette, and imagery, while still conveying a sense of Easter. This was, admittedly, totally challenging for me and outside my comfort zone as I felt it was truly difficult for me to capture the hand done feel of my linocut prints. Usually, illustrators will make digital illustrations feel handmade, and can execute the original handmade illustration when asked to, but this was the other way around. The handmade look and the happy accidents of my hand-pulled linocut prints, proved very difficult to replicate digitally. Hopefully it works and will attract purveyors of sweets and unique packaging!

These limited edition packages can be purchased exclusively at Isetan and other major Japanese department stores under the brand Feriae by Ruysdael. This line follows the wildly popular Fika line featuring Scandinavian illustrators. Thank you to Yoko and Nari for being the BEST people to work with!!

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