Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Midsommar Feriae Package Design

My second Feriae package just got released in Japan. I struggled with the first one, Easter in Italy, but now I think I'm started to get the hang of it. This one's theme is Midsummer in Sweden. I did a lot of research for this festival and wanted to include many of the traditional elements:

I presented these choices and they went with Option #2 with a few edits - like more animals. I was very pleased to find out that a bride chose to purchase a large quantity of my package design to give as wedding gifts at her wedding! It's such an honor that she thought my design befitting as her wedding favor :). I'm working on the next package design now and look forward to sharing it once it's released!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Handmade Paper Succulents and Lotus/Lily Flower

New to my handmade offerings, are these beautiful, individually hand-folded origami paper succulents, or paper lotus/lily flowers! It makes for a perfect addition as a centerpiece on a table for a rustic wedding or outdoor wedding, a unique wedding favor, and can even hold a standard flameless tealight to illuminate a space with an elegant glow. It is sure to be a conversation piece as part of your home decor as every time I have visitors, they always ask about my handmade succulents scattered around my place. You can get your own HERE.

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