Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's, like, OMG, Sarah!

I haven't done a portrait in like forever - was good practice since I'm rusty. I did this for Op-Ed, where the assignment was to create a portrait of Sarah Palin after the vice-presidential debates. I caught the last part of it and the impression I got was this really perky, super shiny cheerleader who even managed to throw out a "cheer" or in her words "shoutout to the third graders!" She kept winking at the audience/camera talking with a perma-smile. I guess she just has a lot of vice-presidential spirit.

1 comment:

JUNe WhateverLastName said...

wasn't she fun to draw? so much facial features to pull out >:D

Anyways, sorry for taking about 2 life time to get to this. but yep, just linked your blog to mine :-)

you weren't at class today, too busy? i hope so.
man, i wish i already have a real site going on like yours! you're always ahead of game. keep it up!


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