Monday, March 1, 2010


I found out through a patron that my work was featured on Decor8 . It is a such a privilege and a lovely spring surprise! Most importantly, I am so glad that my little thoughts on my style(s) and outlook on being once admonished for "being all over the place" can be a positive inspiration for all my fellow aspiring artists! Thank you.


tartan sparrow said...

Hi Anna
I found you through Decor8 and so pleased to have done so.
I am a fellow "all over the place"er, and have only just decided that it is okay and to go with the flow! And now I feel more creative and happier about it than ever. Thanks for your gorgeous work and words!

Unknown said...

I saw you on my Decor8 email. I've been watching your work and "hearting" your pieces already. You have lovely work.
Congrats on that fantastic feature.

Anna See said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate your lovely comments and support. Thanks!

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