Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enter THANX15 for 15% OFF!

I reached 1000 sales!!! THANK YOU!!!! I was sending a one-time thank you note and 15% OFF coupon code to everyone who was "hearting" my shop and/or item for 3 days after reaching 1000, but apparently someone didn't want a coupon for 15% off and reported me as "spam" to Etsy. Bummer. I just dunno why people have to be so mean. If you don't want a coupon, ignore it. You don't have to go above my head, report me and ruin it for everyone who'd actually appreciate 15% OFF and a thank you! It's my fault that I wasn't clear on the "spam" policy. So, to those who'd actually like 15% OFF, in addition to FREE SHIPPING, here it is:

Here's the cotton fabric I ordered of my peacock design. I'll take a photo when I'm able to of the full thing so apologies for the weird scan. Thank you again for all the support of my're making not working for the man any more a real possibility :).

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