Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Angry Black Woman and Give Yourself Permission to Be Yourself

This quote was given to me by a lovely customer to be handwritten into a calligraphy print that could be a gentle reminder, when one sees it on the wall.

This was never more true today. I always strive to make sure I am polite and treat others with respect, but sometimes, people so often find the need to express their unwarranted, nasty and genuinely mean opinion on you, without any trigger. Today I had the particularly unfortunate luck to come across a VERONICA BENEEYE CLARK from Seattle, or as she puts it "Black girl from Seattle," that seemed all too proud to perpetuate the nasty "Angry Black Woman" stereotype. Having grown up in the public school system in Long Beach, CA, I know all too well how to successfully befriend and make lasting friendships with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities, despite any pre-conceived, and often, false, stereotypes, so it really pains me that there are still so many out there perpetuating bad ones, as stereotypes don't just come out of nowhere.

This woman is not even a customer, and can only imagine if she were this much trouble now, how much she'd be as a real customer. She called me a "fraud" because she didn't agree with my pricing, and when I explained that by her logic and pricing, I'd actually be earning LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE, she actually used the words "Earning minimum wage can be very hectic, I'm sure on your part, as I can't relate because I'm a kept woman, only tending to the nest, for myself, and family." WHO THE F*** SAYS THAT?!?! Since when did women become proud that they are simply "kept!"

At this point, I would like to "Give Myself Permission to Be Myself" but what's the point? What I really wanna say is "you don't know me, yet you feel like you have the right to judge me, when all you are is an extremely fortunate woman, who knows nothing of the real world and of life, yet is not content to be happy with that, and have to call others names as well." I never EVER bring race into business, so I don't understand her need to be proud of being specifically a "black girl from Seattle", especially when you are now a bad example, representing your race, so to other sellers and those who know her, I wish you luck and


Luckily, all the black women in my life are NOT this stereotype! :)

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