Monday, January 19, 2009


In honor of the inauguration I decided to post this image, which I had started at the beginning of the race but never got around to finishing (it's now as closed to finished as I think it'll be for me)...Obama is very motivating! Gobama!

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ANDROID said...

I saw the one of the bike with the cars on your website, and I really liked it. Bikes can be tricky to draw. Luckily I have spent most of my life around them, so I have a feel for how they look.

I told Mr. Szeto about your website and blog. He said he would check it out and was excited to hear you are working as an illustrator.

I am still in Long Beach but I am looking for a teaching job, so who knows where I will end up.

Do your children's books keep you really busy? And what else is new with you?

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