Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Earth's Hiss

While reading an article in Discover magazine about the Earth's hiss - one of the top science stories of 2008, this image kept popping into my head. This is the resulting doodle.

The Earth's hiss is a "mysterious electromagnetic wave surrounding the earth that, when played through a loudspeaker, sounds like hissing and swishing between tracks on a scratchy vinyl record." It was formerly known as "the chorus." Fascinating! (It's really just a giant alien snake monitoring the earth, hence the hissing)


Anonymous said...

nice work anna see! i like how your "doodles" already look like full blown finished illustrations.
my doodles always remain looking doodley:(

Anonymous said...

:) Actually, my doodles are pretty doodley, it's only cuz I actually started doodling this one on the computer, but my real doodles are very doodley - nice word!

androidwilsonx said...

Cool Stuff! Thanks for the link and the comments! Are you ever in Long Beach?

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