Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Frosted Window Treatment

I haven't blogged in a while, but that's because I have been busy settling into my new (model!) home!

I usually keep this blog art-related, but I think this post relates to art :).

I recently was able to score the last home in this community and that home was the model house, which came with a lot of nice extras, such as built-ins, curtains, and all artwork and decor on the walls. Obviously, some isn't to my taste but it's nice to already have walls that aren't blank! Although the process, especially with this particular builder (wouldn't recommend them) and some family problems came into play, I hope to be able to enjoy a couple years out of this home, until I can move back to my beloved Summerlin proper, or elsewhere...to another country! This is a large house, and I am getting used to all the wonderful pros, and some of the cons of residing in one.

One of the first things I needed to tackle was this giant window overlooking the bathtub and shower. When I shower, especially at night, people from the outside street can see into the bathroom! A definite no no.
Notice how I tried to use the curtain to cover up the window? But alas, it is nail-gunned down to the wall, so I couldn't fully free it.

Then, I found THIS tutorial and THIS tutorial. I actually made my own template, because I wanted a wider gap in between the shapes, and I stretched it out proportionally to fit my window, so there wouldn't be any weird cut-up shapes on the edges of the window. This is an example of how skillful handling over design programs (thanks Art Center!) will help in random future life ways!!! :)



As you can see, this window is HUGE. It's the length of the bathtub, so even ordering shades/blinds would have to be custom fit because of the odd size. Needless to say, this took a VERY, very long time to complete. But, the best part is, it turned out really cheap - thanks to one jumbo roll of Contact Paper.

The best part is that when you see it, it really DOES look professional, and it really DOES offer privacy, while still letting the light in! Best of all, ANYONE can do it! Although it does help if you have a little art and design program know-how and good craftsmanship (again, Thank You Art Center!). It is also a lot easier, if you have some help, namely, someone who can peel apart the contact paper sticker shapes for you while you arrange and stick them on (thank you roomie!). :)

I have all these leftover shapes from this project, that I may just go ahead and frost some glass vases and my laundry window while I'm at it!

Hope you enjoy! Please DO try this at home. And please let me know how it works out!

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Shirley Todd said...

Window treatment is definitely art-related, Anna. Your creativity definitely added up to the work of art you did on your bathroom window. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I am definitely going to try that out. Can I just ask how much privacy does it offer your bathroom? Hoping to hear from you. All the best to you! :)

Shirley Todd @ Arjay’s Window Fashions

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